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Going over a 300e potential buy

Today I stopped at a used MB dealer and took a 87 300e for a test drive. Ran and rode nice. Body and interior in near mint condition. 98K miles. They are asking $3,900 but I think I can get it for 3K or close to it. I do have concerns about the engine though. There was some oil leaking on the front of the engine. Not the length of the block just at the front so I don't think it is a head gasket. The dealer said it is the "front cover" in the front of the engine which is gasket less. He said oil leaking slightly is inherent in the engine there. The oil looked clean and the tranny fluid didn't smell. However when I took off the oil filler cap, on the underside of the cap there was a creamy colored frothy gew. Is this a sign of water in the oil?


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