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As I may have said before, the 190 failed it's emission test untill the mechanic leaned out the adjustment on the fuel distributor. After the car didn't run well and so they set it back in the richer position. Said that may be what they would have to do. It failed with high unburned hydrocarbons. It was suggested to me that was probably due to some ignition failure. I have replaced the spark wires, cap and rotor and checked the gap and condition on the plugs. They only have about 5 to 7 thousand miles on them. I am now asking what else might be the cause. I am getting about 22mpg on highway and 15 in town. I used to get 25 and 20.
do you have suggestions as to what next to try? Should I take it to a dealer as ask them to do...what?

Thanks for your excellent service and parts.
John Lee