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Gilly....problem solved! It took some time to figure out the best approach will minimal amount of damage.

Here is what I ended up doing....

1) Ended up cutting the grill. I cut out the middle strip from the right of the star using a hacksaw blade. It was quick, simple and do damage to sheet metal. Have to work carefully not to accidently scrape any paint of damage any parts.

2) Using a thing blade screw driver (long shaft) popped of the microswitch for the alarm system. On 98 - 99 they are pin switched near the fire wall. There is no way to save the switch and will most likely be damaged by removing it this way.

3) Once the switch is out of the way, I used a mirror and saw the problem. It appears that the cable release came of the latch release. I used a long screw driver and slid the lever over and the hood popped open.

Thats about that I need to replace now: grill, micro switch for alarm. My service advisor said he will warranty it out for me so I will not have any cost.

I was very careful and worked slowly and managed not to scratch any paint and damage anything by mistake. For now I have to deal with a funny looking grill till I can make it by the dealer.

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