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That's quick

Man, you were running quick for any car. My 2.6 drives great around a 100 but never really pushed it past that.

Fastest I went in car was 132 mph in my 1988 (new at the time) mustang 5.0L.

Got my need for spead fulfilled with my bikes:
1995 Honda CBR 900RR hit 154 mph racing another bike. Nothing quite like passing cars at tripple there speed. Bike was still pulling and speed climbing when I came up on traffic and had to back off.
1999 Yamaha R1. Never looked at speedo, too busy keeping my eyes shut. That bike used to lift the front wheel at 75 mph without trying. Approximately 400 lbs with rear wheel horse power somewhere around 130. Do the math, nothing pulled like that bike did.

Would love to get my hands on an E55 AMG.........

Thanks for the memories,
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