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sorry... haha... as an industrial designer... it doesn't make sense to me that everything gets installed ON/WITH the glass... then the ENTIRE assembly fitted to the hatch. What does make sense to me, and if I were to design such an installation: Install rubber on the glass... fit THAT sub assembly to the hatch...having at least a little clearance/give... then when everything is snug on the hatch...install the aluminum trim to LOCK everything in place. I think the purpose of the trim is to "spread/expand/lock in place" the rubber "frame". If it were installed before fitting the entire assembly on the hatch, then the rubber would have already been "expanded/spread" making installation on the hatch doubly difficult if not impossible to install.

Then again... i didn't design this system... and i have not done this on this car. So i definitely could be wrong.
I'm not starting a fight or anything. It's the ID in me that needs to be convinced, no offense meant bro.
That was my final question... IS it a DESTRUCTIVe PROCESS? removalm of the trim when everyting is in situ.
There has got to be a non destructive process and a simple/reversible installation procedure... MB engineers are known for this sort of thing.

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