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KLIMA connections?

Hello all,
after much research I have not been able to determine the function of pins labeled TD and 87k. Any ideas? This is for a 1987 300TD PN 001 545 80 05.

My compressor was not engaging recently and after following several test procedures I could not find the cause. The compressor would work sometimes and only when cold for about 10 mins and then shut off. No change whether the car was switched on and off.

In any event I went to the pick and pull yard and found a replacement from a gasser. It works fine, the compressor engages when called for and so far no noticeable issues detected. Only thing is that this is a gasser A/C relay and it is missing two pins compared to the original for my diesel. The missing pins are marked TD and 87K on the relay and correspond to sockets # 3 and 6 on the connector.

Any ideas what these lead to and what I'm disabling?
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