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I don't know if any of you saw one of my more recent posts, but I just had to do a new chain and all upper rails on my '85 380SE. I had been experiencing a rough idle for some time. I replaced everything in the fuel injection circuit and still no avail. Finally, when I had the day off from the shop, I decided to pull the valve covers because I was suspecting the left cam of not being timed properly. Sure enough, the left inner rail was broken into pieces! I was sooo lucky that it didn't destroy my engine, but I caught it right in time. Car has 110K miles on it and as I am writing this, I am on vacation in Atlanta, GA and drove the 380 here and it ran beautifully all the way at am average 85-90mph loaded down with luggage and four people. In the meantime, my 420SEL is still sitting in the stable at home awaiting major top end work, because the same thing happened to that car but unfortunately I wasn't so lucky. That car has 102K on it. Will be pulling the heads as soon as the weather breaks.

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