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Get the Snap-on FLXM13 (1ft or so 3/8 drive extension with a ball type universal joint/ 13mm socket on one end, very compact head) that Benzmac recommends. I had to chase down a Snap-on guy to get it. (I haven't received the bill yet, he said about $35). It decreased the job to 2-1/2 to 3 hours total for me. Benzmac said he can do it without removing the tensioner or power steering pump bolts, but I couldn't get it to clear the upper tensioner adjuster bracket without loosening the power steering pump bracket and tilting it out. I'm not sure if the tensioner really needed to be removed (I removed it first, no help) The tool does make it so the a/c compressor bolts can be left in place and all work done from the top)

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