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It's been years since I was around a flat rate shop. I saw several of what I call flat rate overhauls. They would turn the head upside down, pour in naptha, grind the valves that leaked, then push the pistons up far enough to put rings on 'em and push 'em back down.

I was not aware of such a problem today with flat rates. Don't get me wrong I'm not arguing with what you're saying. But do you charge your customers according to a set rate for a particular job? The comparison of the TIMES given in the book was what I was really talking about.

Are there shops that just charge whatever may be logged against the job? If this is so, how would that be fair? If a slower tech were doing the same job as a faster one, then it would just be the luck of the customer as to which one they got doing their job. Or do you mean that the job is charged according to the flat rate manual, but the tech does not work on commission, they rather work on a salary or hours on the clock?

I realize that there are problems in a commission shop, but it seems that there should be standard charges for standard jobs. There are of course some repairs that there are no standard times for, like troubleshooting.

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