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1987 300E (124) parts car SF Bay Area -- Cheap or Free if you tow it once for me

1987 300E (124) parts car. 208K miles. Blown head gasket but otherwise intact except for the front end parts I am taking. Free to SF Bay Area area local willing to tow it 100 miles for me this weekend, or cheap if someone can to pick it up in Livermore next week. Read on.

The sad tale of my own wrecked 300E here is at...

...but here's the scoop. To fix own my front-end damaged 1986 300E, I have bought as a parts car a grey 1987 300E with 208,000 miles that was the seller's pretty nice regular driver until he suffered a radiator failure, overheated it, and blew the head gasket. Under different circumstances, I might have done the head on this car myself and had a spare 300E, but instead I am going to take from this car the front end stuff -- the hood, grille, headlight assemblies, left fender, bumper, condensor with its attached A/C compressor, radiator support, serpentine belt pulleys from the front of the motor, and all those plasticky bits around the front end like the air cleaner intake duct stuff. I will then will have the whole rest of the car to dispose of, with a strong motor (blown head gasket) and a good body sans front end sheet metal.

I don't have any history with the car, of course, but from my inspection, the body looked really good (good grey paint, no dents or damage), it had nearly new tires on cheesy aftermarket rims, and aside from the interior fabrics being kind of old and torn up (brittle, dirty leather) looked to be a very intact car with all of its little fiddly bits (plastic interior parts, various electronic widgets) all still in place from the factory.

The car is now about 10 miles north of Santa Rosa, CA which puts it very nearly exactly 100 miles from my own damaged car, and I am looking at $350 in towing charges to get it from where it is to Livermore, CA where I need to harvest my parts.

I am looking for an SF Bay Area buyer who wants to either:

Make me an offer for the car less the parts I have stated I want, with the requirement that they will have to pick up the car from Livermore in a week or so.


Use their own big truck (that can tow a 300E on a dolly) to tow the car once for me from Santa Rosa to Livermore (100 miles) this weekend, and allow me to harvest my parts for about a week, whereupon I will *give* them the car in exchange for their help with the tow services.

If I have no takers for the whole car, after I have harvested my parts I may post again offering to part out big high value parts, but since the car will be an hour's drive from my home, it would be a one time offer, I can't be going back and forth to pick bits off of it.

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