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Hi Everyone,

I have a 1995 C280 with almost 74,000 miles on it. A friend looked at the shocks up front and the rear and they all have oil leaking from the tops near the towers. This dark greasy substance has leaked out and dripped down the shock tubes. Does this mean the shocks are gone? A mechanic looked at the car and said the shocks are really fine, becaue he did the "push-down" test - he pushed down on the car and said it comes right back up which means the shocks are okay. Exactle, what is going on here? On another noe, I was thinking of getting lowering springs like Eibach or H&R, but I've heard Eibach are better. Will the old factory shocks suffice with the newer spings. I am also doing a plus 1 rim upgrade which I hope improves the handling. Sorry about the length, but I would appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks

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