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I think Akorna asks some good questions and I would start there too.

If that doesn't work, I would add the lower engine wiring harness to the list of things to check. This harness feeds your starter. When you replaced the starter, did you notice if the harness was deteriorated? Usually, you will see the insulation on the smaller wires of the oil quantity and pressure sensors flake off first.

Also, behind the module box on the passenger side is where the lower wiring harness mounts up. It is under a plastic cover. Check that the connection there is good. Being in Florida, there could be some corrosion at that terminal. You might want to do a search here for replacing the lower wiring harness on a 400E, E420 or 500E and you might get some good pics of where the upper part of the harness mounts.

I am pretty sure there is also at least one grounding terminal behind the right strut. Check for corrosion there.
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