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Originally Posted by emerydc8 View Post
This post is interesting:

Partial Electrical Failure

Have you checked all the fuses?

MORE QUESTIONS: Have you tried to start the car with the key while in neutral instead of park? Did you notice any other electrical irregularities like lights or accessories not working or any smell of melting plastic? Is the one click that you hear actually the starter solenoid or could it be some other relay under the hood that you are hearing?

It's for sure the solenoid clicking.

No other irregularities at all

The nss must be ok because putting it in gear or drive gives no crank no click, but in P or N it will crank, or click@ solenoid.

It has been working intermittently since I jumped it.
I'd say about 70% of the time it will start normal.
If it doesn't, I jump it, it will then remember how to start normally...

It's really weird!

I was thinking it could be the lower harness, but it doesn't make sense that jumping it would work if the harness was the problem. .
Unless I'm missing something?
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