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Anyone who runs gas-powered small equipment won't use E-10; 1] the manufactuers' tell you not to, 2] it eats the carb seals and fuel lines, and of course is more hygroscopic, IE it attracts more moisture out of the air.

Another problem with 'ethanated' fuels is the crap doesn't stay mixed. They put in 10% at the fuel depot, but the ethanol is lighter (IIRC) and separates. SO, hypothetically, you could get a super-dose of ethanol and be none the wiser, until it won't run.

An acquaintance in the local VW club I was in lost his Corrado due to running E10; fuel line ruptured, spray hit the exhaust, he then drove a mobile bonfire. Total loss. Our cars aren't designed for this stuff, and no one should run it in theirs if it wasn't.

Cool thing about OK? EVERY pump has a sticker on it, telling you if it has ethanol or not.

Neat link, Pure-Gas.Org!

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