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Mercedes GLC vs. GLK - What's your verdict?

If you were hoping for a 2016 Mercedes GLK, we're sorry to have to tell you that it's been discontinued! Mercedes' new model, the GLC, is derived from the C-Class, hence the "C" after the GL. Mercedes has decided to re-badge all their SUVs as a "GL" followed by whichever class the car was designed after. While Mercedes has made overall improvements and advancements to this new class, people may miss the legendary status that the GLK had achieved since it's introduction in 2008. Upgrades such as bumping the GLC's HP up to 241 from the GLK's 200, might give this model to fighting chance to appeal to GLK loyalist though. The biggest and most noticeable difference comes with the exterior styling. While one colleague, a current GLK, owner swears their allegiance to the sporty, angular styling styling of the GLK; others may prefer the more traditional, rounded design of the new GLC. What do you all think? The GLK was a great seller for MBZ, so current owners may wonder why production stopped. Do you think Mercedes just wanted to go into a new direction or was it the GLK's time? Let us know your thoughts on the new model and if you plan on considering it as a choice for yourself!


Photo Credit: Forum Member 'Metallic'

Photo Credit: Forum Member 'Metallic'
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