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Originally Posted by Dmitry at Pelican Parts View Post
Check out this DIY tech article from our site on caliper installs - if you're looking for the rear set, there is also a link for it in the Brakes section. Lastly, if you have any additional questions or need more specific info, post a Comment just below one of the articles and someone will get back to you with detailed info. Hope this helps and best of luck!

Mercedes-Benz W124 Front Brake Caliper Replacement | 1986-1995 E-Class | Pelican Parts DIY Maintenance Article

Thanks Dmitry, but it's not an issue with changing out the caliper, pads, or rotor. That's all pretty simple. So is rebuilding a caliper for that matter. It's just rebuilding this specific set of calipers with this specific caliper rebuild kit that I am having trouble. I'm not used to the clip being built in to the boot. Usually the ones I've installed used a split ring that went over the outside of the boot to hold it on. There are a few other designs I've used, but not the integrated clip. I've even read threads about dealing with this specific type of boot, but I'm beginning to think that these boots just don't work for this caliper. I even tried using a bearing press to press the seal on, and it just basically split the seal up the middle around the circumference of the seal. It's like the seal is about 0.5mm too small, and because the clip is so rigid you can't stretch it in any way to make it fit. I'm pretty sure I had it completely level when I applied it, and there just didn't seem to be enough circumference to it unless I'm missing something or some specific tool I should be using.
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