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So, I've been having heart problems lately, and I wasn't able to get back to working on my car for a while. I'm at least glad to know that I wasn't simply that out of shape. I was getting extremely tired doing simple things on my car. Anyways, on to the car stuff.

I finally got to the rear caliper, and I discovered that the seals went on just fine. I had to make sure that they were flat & that they went on level, but they actually went on. I wasn't pulling my hair out trying to get a seal on that just wouldn't fit. That tells me definitively that the seals made by Centric that are supposed to fit the 1995 E320 Wagon front calipers absolutely do not fit. I received two of the same seal kits, 1 for each side, and neither of them fit. That kit at least just simply does not fit that car. The caliper repair kit I used that did not work was:

Centric 143.35015 Caliper Repair Kit Front

I'm hoping to find a Centric kit that does fit because they are just simply much cheaper, but if not then hopefully the ATE of FTE kits will work. They are much more expensive, but still much cheaper than a new caliper. I've already got the calipers completely cleaned, refinished, and rebuilt other than installing the dust covers.
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