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IP install, tools & parts required?

Starting to plan an injection pump R&R, and I want to make sure I have everything squared away before I get started. I will be reading and re-reading the FSM and every forum post I can find on the subject, but I especially don't want to get caught without some required tool or part, and have to put everything on hold for weeks while I wait for something to be ordered from Germany or something.

Ok, so far I have: the injection pump & O-ring.

I know I need: timing pin to lock IP (widely available), A/B light to time IP (have a lead on renting one of these), timing basket (anyone have a part number? I know my car doesn't have one because it wasn't there when I recently swapped the VP).

I'd like to replace: rubber fuel lines to and from the IP (I think I have all part numbers for these), vacuum lines to and from the IP (what size do I need?)

Anything I'm overlooking? Thanks!
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