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While the intake manifold is off, definitely clean out the sludge. If it hasn't been off before, you may be surprised how choked up it is with crap. The intake runners on my SDL were so impacted with carbon and oil sludge that it was breathing through holes ~1.5cm in diameter! Be prepared for a mess, that black crap that comes out is really hard to get off anything it touches, make sure you wear gloves, old clothes, and do it in a place that can get dirty without consequence.

I did use the timing basket with mine. Fortunately my car still had the OEM one in place so I didn't have to hunt one down, unfortunately I don't have a part number. Supposedly they are expensive and hard to come by. The IP is fairly heavy and difficult to maneuver. The location of the IP in the engine compartment is also such that it quickly becomes exhausting trying to balance it while you line up the splines and get everything aligned so that it will go into place. Having a helper is a luxury worth the nice meal you buy him for helping you out.

The FSM says nothing about lubricating the new pump when installing. Because I didn't want to crank it dry, I pulled the EDS solenoid and poured in about a pint of oil. If you want to prime the fuel rack as well, remove the lift pump and operate the pushrod until you burp the air out of the fuel rack.
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