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finally fixed passenger side window

I've been posting about this for the last week or so but I resolved the problems and i just wanted to let people know how who may be in the same situation. The car is an 83 300sd
This is a really long post so prepare yourself.

The front passenger window died on me in the up position. When I hit the switch the dome light dimmed and i heard one click come from the motor each time. I took the panel off and unbolted the regulator and everything which i didn't actually have to do. If you find yourself in this situation, you will be best off feeling behind the window motor for three bolts. Take these bolts of and then pull the motor but keep it connected for the meanwhile. With the motor pulled push the switch again. If nothing happens this is your problem. I disconnected the motor and took it all the way out. I opened the motor up which was held together by two screws that requred a hex key to remove. On the inside, one half of the motor is a corksrew type asembly and the other half is a plastic gear. There was a lot or crap in their and I just got some degreaser and cleaned it all out.
After you maked sure everthing that you can clean is taken care of spray some wd40 into the half of the motor
with the corkscrew sticking out into both ends. Do the same to the other half. After you've done this, get some
grease, i used bearing grease and greased the corkscrew part. After this put the motor back together then hook it back up to the power and see if it works. If so its time to put it back together which is the hard part. Since the regulator is spring loaded, you have to hold it in a certain position to get the motor and everything back in there properly. Just mess with it and you'll get back in. Hook everything back up and you should be good to go.
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