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The W201 was for sold in the USA from '84 to '93 model years and was replaced by the "C-class" W202 for '94.

The 2.6L six-cylinder model, 190E 2.6, was available in the USA from '87 to '93. Prior to '87 all were 2.3L four-cylinders, and I think sometime late in the W201 production run the 2.3L four-cylinder model was deleted from the USA catalog, so only the 2.6L six-cylinder was sold in the USA.

The car looks decent for the mileage, but photos can be deceiving. The only obvious thing I see is the radio antenna is askew. I rarely see W201s anymore, and when I do they are usually pretty thrashed.

The lower body plastic cladding as shown in the photos was '89 to '93.

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