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Originally Posted by Sugar Bear View Post
Random misfires can be coils, plugs, coil to plug connectors and/or wires. Look closely at any wire set to be certain that it includes the 3 coil to plug connectors. A faint gray graphite like powder around the exterior ceramic of the spark plug where it meets the end of the rubber boot is a sign the coil to plug connector is bad and causing misfires. Seen it several times.

Coils with butterscotch lettering are old and were replaced with blue lettering.

I have some F8DC4's NIB if you are interested send me a PM.

Good luck!!!
Plugs are new.. Iíll check things out and look closer. Itís a very weak misfire.. kinda like a hiccup now and then. Only noticeable under load when driving. nothing at idle or even reving in park.
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