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Well, it's not gonna be ready for driving tomorrow night(Friday). I got wrapped up in life. Had to get a new phone after work and a bunch of other crap. Then fixed my friend's car so she didn't blow it up driving Saturday. Didn't really get to work on it till like 10:30-11:00. Probably took 2.5 hrs to get all the shift rods extended, smoothed and test fit. Had to extend them 48 mm and they all line up perfect. Probably could have thrashed for 3+4 hours and gotten it all together but it's not happening. Gotta work at 10-3.Then at 4- ? . Decided to throw some paint on them and mess with my new phone for awhile instead. I'll have it going this weekend at some point. Only fab left is trimming the brake pedal and extending the side to make it match the factory manual pedal, Then routing the master cylinder line.

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