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Crank sensor replaced. Car fires up, runs perfectly smooth for about 2 minutes, drove around the yard and felt okay. Then it starts to break up/cough with any throttle input after a small amount of time. Grasping for ideas, I popped the distributor cap off to see if anything looked weird in there. To my surprise there was some corrosion or sign of arching on the contact areas. This is a brand new distributor cap and rotor, so not sure as to why this would arc/corrode so fast. Could the spark plug wires be the cause of this? I haven't replaced that those yet since they seemed to be okay. Could the coil also cause this type of issue? The plug wires could be original as they still have the plug numbering labels on them. What weird when it starts to die/cough/whatever its doing, if i turn it off and back on it'll run perfect again for a brief amount of time, then revert to same behavior as above. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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