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Swapped over my plug wires since I figured it was worth a go, and since they looked original might as well. No noticeable improvement. Got a mass air flow sensor from a previously running parts car and swapped that over, no improvement there either. It seems that when it’s cold and running it’ll run and idle fine for a bit until it gets a little temp in it. Today it was about 35 and it ran fine for about 5 minutes then started it’s normal deal. What seems to happen is it idles along happily, then I can hear the air flow really start to increase(or at least create what sounds like a sucking noise) near the intake, then it starts to idle down and spit and sputter on a couple cylinder then it will finally shut off. I’ve replaced all the hoses off the idle air control valve, and also have cleaned that valve. I’ve inspected the boot on the intake and that is supple and crack free.

So all I’ve got left to really try is the jetronic controller, which seems unlikely, and the sensor that sits on the throttle butterfly below the fuel distributor and all that. Any ideas appreciated as always!
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