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Question 1988 300 SEL, A/C, not used for long time?

I'm new to the forum and have been reviewing a number of threads pertaining to A/C. I'm hesitant to begin a new thread on what is likely a known situation, but I couldn't find a specific match either. I test drove a very nice '88 300 SEL (92k miles) over the weekend. We couldn't get the A/C to work, however. When pushing the button (idling or driving), nothing would happen at all. Later while driving, upon pushing the button, the fan started blowing, but only hot air. I do know that the owner had not driven the car for several months prior to our test drive, so I wonder if this might be related? When inspected at a dealership a few days later, they found no issue with the A/C at all - they said the car was clean in every respect. I'm still leaning towards purchasing the car, but it would be nice to know possible causes behind the A/C, or possible worst-case costs downstream if issue resurfaces. I've read through a variety of threads on the A/C subject, but didn't see anything relating to a case where the car hadn't been in use for some time. I know that car was converted from R12 two years ago, and that the A/C was working fine (apparently) until we happened to try it on the test drive - the owner was surprised too. Any thoughts? (I hope this is post-worthy and not a rehash... I'm a newbie to the group and Mercedes too, and not a technical or diy'er type, so I'm somewhat at a disadvantage when it comes to this stuff. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.) Regards, Bob (rbellamy1)
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