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My 86 Euro 500Se (with Euro 420 engine) has Euro bumpers American headlights MPH speedo all controls in German outside temp in C ,but also has leather and all power accessories it was brought into the country by an Air Force General I bought it from the second owner he had had the 420 engine put in it and the papers from the shop in Ca showed it was a 500 Engine,buyer beware.

At first I was real Pissed when I did a cover off timing chain and found it was a 420 Euro engine instesd of a 500( I should have checked the engine number as I was only familar with the deisels at that time ) ,but after two years of driving I love the 420 it has more than enough power and I am getting 20 + MPG in overal driving of which most is on curvey MT.roads.I rebuilt the front end plus new rotors tires etc and it is about the finest handling car I have ever driven,also parts have never been a problem I get everything from FastLane ..........

William Rogers..........

74 240D
86 Euro 500SE
81 2wd Blazer 454 conversion
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