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eric, hope this sets your mind at ease. as a so. cal smog tech, there have been some changes to the test.
back when the two speed idle test was done ,the car ran the entire test. this gave you your best numbers.
now with the dyno test it is changed.
the test can run a long time if needed. but what happens is when the machine sees your car is passing it stops the 15mph test early, very early in most cases. then it jumps to the 25mph test and does the same thing.the test can run about 4 times longer. i think this is done to save a car from possible overheat or keep the dyno time low for more dyno life. with your co2 and 02 numbers great i think the test assumes your car is passing,then on to the next test.
most cars tested, even 2003 cars have hc numbers only 2 or 3 numbers from failing. this includes hondas with ultra low emision motors which should have numbers that are zero or almost. most new cars i test are at the almost fail on hc's. so anyway the numbers you got are not the best,by far. if you want better numbers ask for a tire dry run before the test.
with dyno test if you shut off the car before testing, it makes no change in 99 percent of the test. the 15mph part of the test will run longer to heat up the cat. seems to work pretty well.
after 1996,obd2 cars , they pass the test even when started stone cold and run for two minuites,
anyway's with your co2 numbers so high, the combo of fuel system and and cat are at thier peak, great numbers, higher than most cars. and your nox numbers are very,very good. with these numbers your car most likely runs at zero or almost zero on hc and co, when on the freeway with cat fully warmed up.
hope this is not too long winded. most cars don't hit 15 percent co2, which yours topped no problem. this is the number that says the most.
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