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E320 W124 bumper crack and repainting - technical Qs

(posted this in the 'detailing' section - but got no responses. I mean, after a month of being on this site almost daily, it was my first time there too - so I understand!)

Hi guys. Just need to repair a few cracks and repaint the rear, lower bumper on my two-tone '95 E320 (white upper and body / gray lower). The lower color has all the issues.

I shoot my own cars (restoration work for myself) - but have never tried to match a color on a mercedes benz. From all my research on this board, I've determined that the lower panel on my car SHOULD be basecoat/clearcoat. But it really doesn't look glossy at all - looks like a single stage. If I were to guess, I would say a single stage urethene.

Normally I would shoot PPG concept urethene (for my single stage colors). But I've read that the OEM should be Glasurit or Sikkens.

Can you guys please advise me on (1) is this lower gray color a single stage? (2) should I trust my local paint shop, if I provide them with the car's color code to have something mixed exactly - from the color code? (3) should I try and find glasurit? Or just shoot my standard PPG?

Thanks very much!
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