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Oil pressure good when cold engine...

Thanks for your reply, Norm
It's only a problem as the oil heats up and becomes thinner.

I assume by checked out, you mean with a mechanical gauge right on the block?? Sometimes the senders are at fault, or so I've read.
Yes, I ignored it for a while thinking it was an internal gauge/sending unit error and had my mechanic check it out with a mech gauge before he changed the crank bearings.
the pump isn't pumping,
Replaced the pump w/ OEM along with the bearings.... same symptoms.
there's a blockage before the pressure sender (and therefore everything else)

Not sure it's blockage because this only happens with hot engine (temp > 82degC)
there's an internal leak large enough to prevent pressure from building up.
I think this is it, but the leak isn't large since it seems to happen only when oil is thinned out.... oil pressure is acceptable with cold engine and more viscous oil.
....the connecting rod beaings to be a more likely suspect for excess wear than the crank main bearings. Can we assume those were looked at and deemed Ok when the crank bearings were checked?...
I do not know for a fact that these were looked at. I will verify.
Pressure relief valve not stuck open?
How would I check this? Is there a prv for the lubrication system? Duh.
there's oil in the sump and the drain plug didn't fall out?
Oil level okay.

Thanks again for relating your experience, which I lack... by the way the car runs like a champ on the open road. Just get stuck in traffic and all these symptoms become evident.
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