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My 94 C220 will not blow a/c air from the center vents initially when it is hot out. (about 80 degress and up) It will blow from the center vents on e/c mode so does that mean the flap isn't sticking? It seems as though it a sensor problem. Am I better off going the dealer, or should I try replacing one of the sensors first, which I am not sure of there location. Has anyone else had this problem? The car has a new a/c compressor, and once the car gets going (after about 5 very warm minutes) the a/c does blow from the center vents and works great. I usually run the system on e/c for a while then try a/c when it cools a bit inside. When it is really hot out, I have to repeat this process several times. Of course by this point I have melted!

I have also noticed when I get in the car on a hot day, the outside temperature reading on the dash has a really high number. Sometimes it says it's 110 degrees out, when it's more like 90 degrees. Could this be part of the problem?



94 C220
89 300SE
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