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Camshaft Woodruff (offset) Key install

on the 1985 300D (OM617)

by Scott98


How to install camshaft woodruff (offset) key - pics

I decided to correct my timing chain stretch by installing an offset or woodruff key. The FSM on this is pretty straight forward so I just included some pics of how the woodruff key looks in place. The pics aren't as clear as I would have liked but I hope this helps someone.

Pic 1 is the old woodruff key still in place. It's just above the timing mark.

Pic 2 is with the key removed.

Pic 3 is a picture of the old key. I had to use vice grips to yank it out.

Pic 4 is the new key and you can see how it is offset via a flange.

I did remove the tensioner. Make sure you have a replacement gasket before you remove the tensioner or otherwise it will leak. Ask me how I know. Don't forget to remove the spring from the tensioner or just remove the whole tensioner.

This really isn't that difficult a job. I had to gently tap on the camshaft gear to remove it and reinstall it but otherwise everything went along without a hitch. Make sure you support the camshaft gear with a bungee cord so you never lose tension. I also put vice grips on the chain as an extra precaution.

I hooked a bungee cord to the sprocket before I removed it. That way it won't go anywhere - even if it comes off - and you will always have tension on the chain.

My timing was 4 degrees off at the crank. Now it is spot on. I swear the car is a little faster. Next job - set injection pump timing.
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