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The tool you have is used on 102 engines and 103 engines (wait, there's more). The 102 engines in the US I believe was only in the 190E 2.3. The very first 190E 2.3's had a very unique canister filter. After the first year or two in the US, it was equipped with the black spin-on. The 103 engine in the US is most famous for being used in 300E until the 104 engine replaced it, although all US 4MATICs used the 103 engine. The 104 engine, as you know, used the spin-on tool to remove the canister cap. In the US, the 104 engine was first used in the 1990 300SL, and also I think it's interesting to note also it was used in the 1990 300CE!
The 103 motor was also used in the 300SE and 300SEL.
The spin-on tool is still used today. It is the tool used on all modern MB engines, although I am not sure about the 137 motor, haven't seen "the whole motor" yet, just critical pieces in school. It's used on the modular V6 and V8 engines (320, 430, 500, 5.5AMG), and in it's "oldest" application, is also used to remove the aluminum housing cap on the 120 V12 engine (600SL), although that engine may now officially be out of production, as I heard the R129 went out of production this spring so the plant can be prepared for the new model.......
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