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The torque requirements for your tranny pan bolts are very low.

When one converts the Newton-meter spec., they come up with 6 ft. lbs. approx. Often times, the tranny pan bolts are excessively tightened, resulting in leaks. This is one possibility.

The torque converter uses a copper gasket; the pan uses a silver colored gasket. On one too many occasions, I've been sold a copper colored gasket for the converter drain plug that was just a little too large. Leakage followed it's installation. Make sure that the copper gasket used on the converter drain plug doesn't exceed the perimeter of the plug itself. MB makes 2 small copper washers. You want the smaller of the two. The part number for the copper gasket is 007603-010122. The part number for the silver colored gaket used on the tranny pan plug is 007603-010100. When I ordered 6 of the copper colored gaskets from the local dealer, I received 3 of the larger(wrong) and 3 of the smaller? I've had this also happen when ordering OEM filters from various MB parts suppliers who operate off the WEB. For whatever reason, a Meyle and a Mann tranny filter came with copper gaskets that were just a hair too large. Converter leaks followed their installation.
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