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Ruby Tuesday
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1987 420SEL 226,??? Miles
This really is only a bur in the old saddle but it sure would be good to remove it. Thats the problem, I can`t!! Using the correct size Allen key all it does is spin in either direction which leads me to believe the head is broken from the threaded shaft. Would like to remove the head so access to the remaining shaft could be removed with the assistance of an easy out. I have a new replacement plug
but anticipate additional problems such as stripped threads
in the converter casing and possibly having to go one size up from 5mm. All the while fluid will drain once the passage is clear of the plug. Is there a rubber plug that could be temporarily deployed so that I may have both hands free for scratching my head and preparing my next stratergy.
Have had a complete transmission power flush just over a year ago but would like access to this drain plug for continued sevice. Can`t be sure from exactly where, but there is always A/T fluid in the immediate area and hope that with this corrective action it will be eliminated or at best minimized. Any suggestings, tips, or shared experiences would be most appreciated and shared with future
Thank you for this moment in time
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