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Originally Posted by Moonblink
I run a 20% mix of filtered WVO in with my regular diesel. No problems to report other than my cravings for fried food everytime I go somewhere....

So do you all think 50/50 blend would be OK in South Florida? I may try it...Never freezes here.
I am in SO. FL too and you can run on 50/50 or 20/80 too if you want. But it is better to not blend Diesel with WVO cause it causes wax to come out of the diesel, and clog your fuel lines and IP.
SO better to try 20/80 with RUG/ WVO, then add 2oz per 5 gallons of Power Service cetene boost; 1-2 oz of acetone; and 1 oz of StarTron Diesel additive...from Marine supply stores..... That's what I use here and it works great.
Any Q's lemme know.
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