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Hit man X,
Thanks for the good sound guidance. Its stuff I know needs considered but the car is running pretty well over all. I am tryig to assemble the rest of the seals I will need (Ihave the front U, the VCG, and the cam seal already), the MB sealant, the chain guides, and the know how. My plan would be to then tackle the upper top end and measure for streach. In the mean time I am just a little curious about my symptoms.

Originally Posted by GVB
So does the car seem to miss on a few cyllinders after start up, or is it jst rough? The vacuum gauge in the instrument cluster isn't a good tool to use for diagnostics. Does it happen durring cold, or hot starts?
It's not missing just wants to stall out unless it gets a little reving out of the gate. And it's only on cold starts not hot ones.
The water temp sensor is just a little over a year old... as is the breather hose between the air cleaner and valve cover.
The O2 sensor is about two months old as are the other breather hoses AI to VC, and either side of the ICV.
Duty cycle is in the 50-60% range.

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Reading your M103 duty cycle:
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