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280 ce Vs 300TD engine

I am thinking about replacing the gas engine in my aging 280ce (220,000 miles) with a new or near-new diesel 300D or 300TD. I have read these engines have a reputation for running 400,000 or more miles or more and can run biodesiel with little or no modification. At this piont I am considering restoring the car and investing in home-brew biodesiel.

Does anyone know if the 300D or the 300TD engine fit into a 280CE?
Has anyone done this before with a 280CE?
Are there any spatial considerations in the engine compartment to accomodate a possible addition of a Turbo Charger in the future?

Thanks to all who have experience with this. I really want to keep this car and invest in green fuels while polluting less and reducing the dependancy on foreign oil.
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