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Old 10-12-2001, 08:51 AM
N. Gilbert
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False Advertising!!!
This antennae will fit if you want to drill a new hole in the body panel!

The bases provided don't even come close to the stock base with its high sloping angle. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. Even the wiring wouldn't fit.

I had power at my antennae hook up. When the radio was turned on I had 12vdc at the appropriate terminals but the new antennae wouldn't cycle up or down. The coax wouldn't fit the cell phone, radio cross over module.

Lots of teasing in the garage over a few brews on Saturday afternoon reminded me why my friends hang out.

So much for "Hey, I know, I can save $200.00 by spending only $47". I humbly accept defeat and won't order from ebay again...
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