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Question Low speed shuddering problem. '86 190E 8v 255k

I have been rebuilding the suspension/drivetrain on my 190E over the past 6 months as I have the cash.

First I changed the diff with a used on due to a grinding noised whenever I let off the gas (5spd) or downshift.

That resolved the ginding noise but uncovered a thumping in the area of the center bearing.

So I had the prop shaft rebuilt and replaced the flex discs and center bearing.

That took care of the thumping but now I have a shuddering feeling coming from the floor between 5-15 mph, and I believe it comes back at higher speeds.

Also the grinding noise seems to be reoccuring in the rear. This sucks because it took me several hours to replace the diff, and I'd hate to remove it again.

One last thing, the trans mount looks to be shimed with about 5 washers on each of the two bolts. Could I have a driveline angle problem too?

BTW, this is the best place on the web. It has been my experience, since 9/86 when my dad bought this car, that most Mercedes mechanics, especially in So. Cal., are not willing to give you the slightest bit of info without $$$$$$.
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