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timing chain master link(s)

Hi Group,

I'm getting ready to replace timing chain my on an 87 190E. I received the parts along with other stuff I'd order in the mail today from the dealer (Valley Motors in Cockeysville, MD) good price for this side of the country I think (003-997-82-94 genuine Mercedes-Benz @ $50.00). Well I just got a few questions before I start:

1. The package consists of 3 parts: the chain, the master link and a copper color face plate. Is this master link and a copper color face plate the one I'm using to install the new chain with?

2. I've read somewhere that there's a permanent and temporary master link, the temporary is use for repairing (connecting the new chain to the old chain so you can feed it through) and the permanent is that's it to be used permanently and crimped to stay on, is this true?

3. If 2 is yes, which came with the kit that I got, the permanent or temporary? (I think that copper is a soft metal to be use as a permanent)

4. What ever the answer on 3 is I would need the other link kit right, anyone have an MB number?

5. Being a perfect freak that I am is why I would not just use this master link and the copper color face plate for both purpose because what if it is the permanent then the thought of undoing it off the old from the new chain and using it again to connect the new chain together would put stress on this copper face plate. And if itís a temporary the uncertainty and fear of that copper face plate breaking on me.

Thanks in advance

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