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Question 560 SL Questions

I recently bought a 1989 560 SL with 68,000 miles. I have handful of problems I am trying to fix would appreciate any help. First, my rear brakes squeal something terrible. In particular it seems to be worst when I am making a turn at slow speeds (5-10 mph). I have replaced the pads and have the anti-squeal past on them but it doesn’t make any difference. The noise often happens right after I have let off the breaks. I am think of replacing the bearings but would rather not go through the hassle if there is something else going on. Any ideas?
Another problems may all be related. First the odometer and trip meter have quit working. The speedometer does work. From reading some of the other forums it appears that this car has an electronic speedometer and odometer? Second, the cruise control does not work. And finally there is strange noise that seems to be coming from the rear of the car. It comes and goes but seems to start if I accelerate hard or hit a bump in the road. It sounds very much like a speedometer cable that needs to be lubed and changes speed and pitch with the speed of the car. The sound goes away if I bring the car to a compete stop. It will then not make any noise, sometimes for days. I am wondering if these problems could all be related to the speed sensor.
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