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Self Made Blink Code Tool

Hi all;
Last week I offered info regarding how to make your own blink code tool,instead of sending out sixty e-mails I'm going to post it here.
visit your local Radio Shack store and pick up these two parts
#276-270A (12v red L.E.D.) and 274-271c (solderless banna plug set),the only other thing you'll need is a short piece of insulated wire.
attach the black connector to the black wire and the red connector to the red wire along with one end of insulated wire(strip it back about 13mm)
The other end of your wire should also be stripped back 2mm.
The example I will use is an 88 560sel a/c system as that is what started this whole thing.
locate x11/4 connector(on the firewall near mono valve)
Plug the black connector in #1 and the red into#7,with the key "on" touch the exposed end of the wire to ground for three seconds and release.the led will blink any where from 1 to 57 times.
One blink means no fault,if it blinks more than once write it down
check for the next code,keep doing this until the first code is repeated.
Touch and hold the wire to ground for seven seconds to erase codes.
Instead of listing all the different codes on this forum I recommend that anyone intrested in using this tool order the DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE REFERENCE GUIDE through M.B. publishing.
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