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Lee Scheeler
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First off they are VERY rare. There are about 1/10 as many 400E's as there were 6-cyl cars....there are less then 1/10 as many 500E's as there were 400E's. Since the E55 just came out there may be more on the market just now than anytime in recent history. Prices of 500E/E500's can vary quite a bit. Try to make sure whatever you get has been taken care of(has good books) and hasn't been hit. $35-$45K for 92-93's isn't uncommon. $50K+ isn't uncommon for 94's. You can find ones with lower prices but you either need to be able to buy at dealer auction or have to be willing to look at a car that has something wrong with it that would make it worth thousands less. Finding one like that may cost a bit more than some questionable examples but you will easily get what you pay for. E500's will be the more expensive as they are newer. I am getting a 92 because the 92's had something of a performance loophole. The engine management is different on them. Benzmac can give you specifics but let's just say a 92 on full throttle will toast a 93 or 94. Partly for emissions reasons the "loophole" was closed very very early in the 93 model year cars. This loophole also made them more tuneable... Odometer mileage really isn't a big deal on these cars. The older the car, the more important perfect maintenance records become. The W124 cars as a whole just seem to last forever if properly cared for. (something rivals BMW or Lexus can't always claim) The 500E still has the old-tech 4-speed tranny but it has perfect gearing and so much torque it really doesn't matter. The only real trick is finding one.