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Nick Jamal
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Regarding an earlier post where I described the climate control working only intermittently - I have a few more details. It's finally warming up outside and I NEED air conditioning. After replacing practically the entire A/C system last year, I'm still having trouble. When idling, the compressor cycles regularly, and will do so forever. However, when the throttle is applied, the compressor cuts out - and stays off until the car is restarted. If the AC is activated while driving, it operates for a little while and then cuts out - again until the car is restarted. As I said, most components have been replaced, including the compressor, condenser, receiver/dryer, and the pushbutton control unit. When the MB dealer performed the socket box test, the suggestion was that the auxilary water pump (electric) was drawing too much - and interfering with feedback to the control unit. At their recommendation (and my expense), the pump was disconnected. This actually seemed to work for a while - but the problem is back, and I'm sweating. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated.