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My 2 cents worth
Could be crud in the piston grooves where the rings sit. As the engine warms up and metal expands rings could pop free. Maybe another member can suggest what to do to clean if it is the problem. Only other thing I can think of is a valve is not seating properly. Is this car mainly city stop and go driving - or is it highway driving? Was the car sitting for a long time before you started driving it? at only 77,000 miles it sounds like it has had long sit times. My 560sel, when I got it 3 years ago was sitting for almost 2 years. It burned 1 quart oil about 500 miles, if I remember properly. I changed the oil and added a quart of Duralube. - 1000 miles later after a highway vacation - the oil burning stopped - the oil rings broke free. Maybe your compression rings are sticking on that cylinder??? Just a thought
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