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I used PIAA bulbs from a local speedshop - they claim to be 100W equivalent light output at only 55W(stock). They are somewhat "whiter" than normal bulbs. ($70).

The euro headlight lens seems to be assymetrical in that it puts more light to your right (pass side) and less on your left - the result is that you see more of the side of the road without blinding the oncoming traffic.

I put regular "xenon" h3 bulbs with a slight blueish tint for the fogs (didn't really look for the amber ones) - they seem to work very nicely as well, especially illuminating the road signs... Their particular spectrum is said to be reflected by the road sign coating better...

I must say that the illumination of the road is MUCH better with the euros...

BTW, what are you planning to do with the washers - if you're not going to use them I might buy them off you as I broke mine during re-installation...

good luck.
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