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Unhappy Help Engine Still Does Not Run

Here's what I have checked.

1) I pulled valve cover and cheched cam marks to TDC mark on damper. Everything was dead on.

2) check firing order and distributor cap spark plug wiring and timing.

3) swaped ignition control module engine behaved the same.

Here what I have managed.

If I spray enough starting fluid I can get engine at a low idle somewhat.

So I know I have spark and spark timing working O.K.

Leads me to fuel and air.

As for fuel got new fuel distributor but no change.

The engine is acting like it's getting way to much air, Problem started when I was adjusting idle air screw. Is it possible that the air valve is suck open? What happens if air valve is suck open.

I know how to go about checking fuel pressures just didn't have time to do so. But how does one check air or air valve?

where do I go from here?
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