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'92 300E Trans is acting up

Over the last week or so my '92 300E with 136K mi on it has started to act up a litle, transmission-wise. It started with occasionally starting out in 2nd gear instead of first. It seemed to do it after I'd been driving for a while. Next, I noticed that, when cold, if I shifted from reverse to drive it would hesitate for a second or so before dropping into gear whereas before, it was always immediate.. Today I was driving my son to the doctor. After a 10 mile jaunt on the freeway I took an offramp and came to a stop. When I went to accellerate, the engine sped up, but the car barely moved. After a few seconds it lurched into drive and continued on. I checked the trans fluid and the fluid is clean, not burnt or hot smelling, but the level is high, maybe a quarter to a half inch above the full mark. I don't remember overfililng it, but I may have. It's also overdue for a trans fluid and filter change. (I bought it used with about 106K miles and I don't know when it was last changed)

Can anyone hazard a guess as to what might be going on? Would a fluid and filter change likely help? Are there any external adjustments that a mechanic could make to fix the problem?

Thanks for any help.

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