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Smile Teddy Grahams, no dig on you comrade, you keep the thread going

That's cool Ted, my question was answered and I'm fine with not running it in the 500E. I'm happy to get the feedback I asked for but the 'your so stupid' *****-slappin' just pushes my buttons...(and since I was one of the US Geological Survey's Project Chiefs for the North American Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA), Phase 1 & 2, for the Connecticut River Basin here in New England during the mid-90's; equating gas to water was the wrong place to go).

There's gotta be some sort of,albeit little at best, benefit to running a higher octane, even mixed with reg. pump gas...just not as much as I had hoped or thought...I'm certainly no petroleum engineer but where I grew up...all the muscle car gear heads would fill up with 104 octane CAM2 on a friday nite and race down at the turnpike....guess there's no real benefit in these new fangled, computer controlled cars...which is OK by me.

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